DHI Technique

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI hair transplantation is an evolving transplantation technique that offers a gentle implantation method and is very popular due to its lack of incisions, sutures and scars. It is particularly suitable for hair transplantation in women. The DHI technique consists of extracting the grafts one by one from the high precision CHOI pen used by the specialist practitioner to determine the depths, angles and orientations of each follicle. In addition, the risk of infections is significantly lower due to the special features of this gentle method and the fact that it is effective and allows for a rapid recovery.

The DHI implementation method is defined by the finesse of this tool but also by the delicacy of its control. The specialist applies an ingenious method that favours single or multiple follicles in order to trace the hair implantation. Thanks to this density technique, a natural regrowth rate of almost 100% is guaranteed.

The steps of the DHI Hair Transplant

Although this procedure has many advantages, it is necessary for the analysis of the patient's hair to be carried out using the latest technology. The latter should assess certain features such as structural characteristics, thickness, density and the presence of keratins in the hair strands.

Based on the result of this analysis, when the patient is suitable for transplantation with the DHI method, the amount of hair follicles to be extracted and transplanted is determined.

Before the operation, the hair is shaved only in the donor area, not in the area where the graft will be performed. The hairline is also adjusted and drawn in the right proportions.

Before this procedure, the donor area where the grafts will be taken is put under anaesthesia so as not to experience any pain. The hair grafts are preserved in a Petri dish in a special solution until transplantation.

The DHI technique involves extracting the grafts one by one using the high precision CHOI pen used by the specialist practitioner to determine the depths, angles and orientations of each follicle.
In the area where the hair transplant will be performed, the specialist will use the CHOI pen with great precision, starting at the front hairline.

The scabs appear 5-6 days after the transplant is performed and then fall off on average in the next 20 days. About three months the newly implanted hair suddenly falls out "Shock Loss" before it grows back. After one year, the patient can regain her hair mass permanently!

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