Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers are thin layers of ceramic that are used in smile makeovers to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. In order to benefit from this type of treatment, the patient must have all the teeth, these sheets are glued to the front of the teeth. There are also No-Prep veneers, which require no preparation and can correct the position, alignment, volume, shape and shade of teeth.

céramiques stratifiées

In some cases, laminated ceramic veneers are not suitable

  • Jaw disorders.
  • Clenching of teeth too hard during sleep (bruxism).
  • Missing teeth.
  • Fragile enamel of poor quality.
  • Orthodontic dental problems.
  • Severe gum recession.

A treatment of stratified teeth can be carried out in two or three sessions in the same week if there is no need for additional treatment. Unlike natural teeth, laminated veneers do not cause discolouration as a result of excessive consumption of tea, coffee or tobacco. As this is a delicate material, the installation should be done by an excellent and experienced clinic. Depending on the assessment, the dentist will choose between several types of materials in order to achieve a very aesthetic project! Prices for laminate veneers, like other types of applications, depend on the complete treatment plan.

céramiques stratifiées2